Alarm Monitoring

Monitoring Options Available:-
  *This Communicator Module above is an Ip150 used in conjunction with your
                                     Paradox Insite Gold Smartphone App so you can be notified on your Security
                                     of your Home 24/7. For Self Monitoring or Monitoring Station connection...

*This unit above is a GPRS/GSM communicator module which requires a Top
                                    up Sim card and will Text you when there is an Alarm Activation.
                                     Especially good when there is no Phone connections available.
                                    Self Monitoring Modules


Mobile Link - Alarm Activation- (From a Monitoring Station)

On activation, monitoring company will text upto Five separate cell phone numbers, detailing what area has been activated. Guard response/Optional. Decision is then left to owner of what action to be taken.  Cost: $25.00 per month (incl GST).


Standard Alarm Monitoring (for residential)- No Guard Response

The monitoring company is alerted via phone when your alarm activates or a system problem occurs.  The monitoring company will first phone your home, then the emergency contacts you have nominated.  No guard response. Decision then left to owner of what action to be taken.  Cost: $28.00 per month (incl GST).


Alarm Monitoring with Guard Response (for residential)

On activation, the monitoring company will ring site first, then emergency contacts of your choice.  If 'no reply' from the emergency contacts, a guard is dispatched within your area to apprehend the situation.  This option also gives you:-

*     Automatic fault reporting

*     24hr test signal check

*     Annual guard administration fee waivered

Note:  Guard call out fee $67.50 (incl GST)

                                                Cost: $35.00 per month (incl GST)


Commercial Alarm Monitoring with Guard Response

This option is on activation only, and has all the benefits of the above option, however, we can also supply lockdown services - (sets & unsets) on customer request.  This is an optional extra - fee applies.

*     Automatic fault reporting

*     24hr testing signal check

*     Annual guard administration fee waivered

*     Activity report on request

                                                Cost: $39.00 per month (incl GST)

Note:  Guard call out fee $67.50 (incl GST)

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