The most cost effective way to fix that "OLD" security alarm system

Budget Pack/Upgrade is designed if you have an old System needing upgrading or your system is just not functioning correctly. We can upgrade the PCB board, Keypad, Battery and Possible sensor upgrades from ...

$895.00 incl (gst)

New budget-pack-upgrade sp40002


New budget-pack-upgrade sp4000 (1)1

Paradox Spectra

System Components:

  • 1 x Bosch control panel (with communicator)
  • 1 x Easy to use Bosch keypad (includes panic alert)
  • 1 x Back-up battery (automatically takes over if the power fails)
  • 1 x Flush-mount internal piezo siren (120dB)
  • Rings Your Cellphone on Alarm Activations.
  • Or can be MONITORED (no contract ).
  • Professional, careful installation and clean up.
  • Full “hands on” tutorial, instruction manual.
  • Complete support from company.
  • Well established company with government license.

  • *All Prices Include GST

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