We got Cole Security to install an Alarm System into our home in 1999. We have it regularly serviced and have found them to be very friendly & proffessional over the years.....Dale (Browns Bay)

It has been Good Peace of Mind to know when the Alarm goes off..it rings my cellphone, especially when i Have the smoke sensors built into the Alarm..protecting the Family.....Joel (Opie Contractors)

I like the smart looking Touchscreen Keypad in our Front Door entry area..we have just recently renovated our home and am very fussy on the finishing touches...this with the Easy to use Remotes - looks the part..
                      ....    Angus (Remuera)
I have got Cole Security to install Security Alarm Systems for many of my customers and my Family as well. I would highly recommend them as they are very proffesional and confident...Chris Reade (Harcourts)

If we are Wiring out a House or upgrading the Switchboard to an existing home and the customer requests an Alarm System...we are on the Phone to Cole Security, they do all our Security..John(JBS Electrical)

I use Cole Security to install all our Alarm Systems. I like how the Keypad at the front of the house can activate the Garage Door which is at the back of the house...............Chris (Du Plessis Builders)

I can partially arm downstairs at night while we are watching a DVD upstairs on the Big screen..This is great because we can't hear anything going on downstairs...added protection...Matt(Mt Albert)


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